Our standard hourly labor charge is $120 an hour if you bring the computer to us or $160 an hour if you require on-site service (3 hour minimum charge for on site service).

For all upgrades/replacements/installations you will be charged the price of the item you want to purchase plus the hourly labor charge associated with the upgrade/replacement or installation.


If you want to upgrade your computers processor, you will be billed for the cost of the new processor and the standard labor charge for processor installation.

Prices will vary for computer repair and custom built computers, please e-mail us at or call (630)-946-5848 for a quote on what your repair or custom build will cost.

When contacting us for computer repair (PC or Apple) please have the following informaiton available:

     Computer Manufacturer

     Computer Model Number

     Problem(s) you are experiencing

We accept both drop off and mail in computers for repair. 

Please use our online Submission Form for mail in orders.